IceCream Super power

🍦✨ Explore the magical world of BamBam, where ice cream meets imagination and every flavor is an adventure! ✨🍦

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Dive into “Ice Cream Superpowers,” where every scoop is a swirl of magic and adventure! Join BamBam on a whimsical journey that starts one Halloween night with a mysterious key leading to an enchanted ice cream shop. This shop isn’t just about delicious flavors; it’s where each choice grants superhero powers!

From Strawberry’s super love to Chocolate’s ability to fly, BamBam explores incredible ice creams until he discovers the greatest power of all—the power of giving. As BamBam learns to spread joy and kindness, he transforms not just his own life but also the world around him.

“Ice Cream Superpowers” isn’t just a story—it’s a magical journey that teaches the sweetest lessons of all. Ready for a scoop of fun and a dash of magic? Join BamBam as he discovers that true heroism comes in many flavors, each one waiting to change the world—one scoop at a time!

🍦✨ Explore the magical world of BamBam, where ice cream meets imagination and every flavor is an adventure! ✨🍦

6 reviews for IceCream Super power

  1. ICS 1

    This was the cutest children’s book I’ve read with my son so far! My son wants to read it over and over and it really helps since he’s trying to learn to read! I want more books from this author!

  2. Ebony Allen

    Awesome books for kids!!!
    MAGICAL owner and books!

  3. Tosha D

    This woman is amazing!! An upcoming star as a children’s author. I would recommend that anyone with children or who have young ones in their life in anyway get her books! If I could give her 10 stars I would!!!

  4. Brion

    Great book! Your kid will love this book! A fun read! Good positive message.

  5. Hirary

    My children loved this book! Ice Cream Super Powers is my family’s go to bedtime story.

  6. Jane

    Best children’s book I’ve read in a while!
    This book is super cute. I know the author personally and can tell you that her 3yr old son wrote the book with her and I couldn’t be more proud of them. I can’t wait for the next one to come out!

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